The CS-15 Deluxe

This is a Yamaha CS-15 that I have modified in some different ways. Here is what I did:

  • One extra LFO for the PWM is added.
  • A ring modulator (VCO1 * VCO2) is added and routed to the external input (if not used).
  • The original LFO is trimmed to go into audio oscillation.
  • Hard sync on VCO2 is added.
  • VCF1 and VCF2 can be routed in series.
  • VCF1 can be slaved to VCF2's control. This in combination with series routing of VCFs can provide a 24 dB/oct LPF, BPF or HPF, with common controls, or a Korg-or-CS80-like HPF-LPF combination with independent control, or any other combination of two filters.
  • A switch for momentary vibrato on both oscillators is added.
  • The VCO2 modulation pot controls both VCOs (for "normal" modulation). The VCO1 modulation pot controls VCO1 only (for different modulation of VCOs).
  • The knobs are changed to new (old) ones with aluminum top...
  • I've painted the switches red or blue.
  • And: Wooden end-cheeks!


Maybe you find these changes quite gross, but I must say I did this because I wanted the CS-15 to be my main solo synth. Not affording a Minimoog, this is the best I could do. The mods are very seriously done and it sounds, and looks, very nice!

Now, I've found a Minimoog, and the CS-15 Deluxe is sold... Sadly...

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