Synthi Mu (Synthi Clone)

This is a sort of clone of the EMS Synthi A. Well, not a clone really, since it has none of the electronics like the EMS, nor has it the complete amount of functions. It is also smaller then the original. I wanted a synth that could do the typical effect sounds that the Synthi A is known for. At first, I designed an even smaller synth, with a minimum of modules and functions, and no pin matrix. But after a while I realized this design would be far too limited, and I also wanted the routing capability of a matrix. So this is what it turned out to be. I used a lot of stuff that I happened to have laying around in the junc box; like the 10x10 pin matrix, a small reverb tank, CEM3340:s etc.


VCO:s: CEM3340

VCF: 24 dB/oct NE5517

VCA: CA3080

Noise: Reverse biased zener

Input: AC and DC input

Trapezoid: Attack and release generator with repeat

Reverb: Small 2-spring tank

Matrix: Sealectro 10x10 with EMS pins

Panel manufactured by Neriks

Sound samples:

Sample 1 ("Aqua")
Sample 2 ("Oxygene")
Sample 3 ("Equinox")
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9

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